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Sep 2, 2012 8:00am EDT
-damaged areas in louisiana on friday. the white house has announced president obama plans to visit louisiana on monday. in new orleans, jonathan surry, fox news. . >>> and new this morning, the hunt for a gunman who shot a gas station clerk in maryland. this is new video of the scene. police say a man walked into the ex on on sandy spring road in laurel with a gun around 8:00 last night and demanded money. the cashier refused to and that over. the suspect shot the cashier, then took off. injuries are not life threatening. >>> and now to a story first on fox 5. a prince george's county police officer accused of a cover-up. an august indictment alleges a veteran cop lied about why his gun went off during an incident in february. a cottage city 19-year-old spent nearly four months in jail as a result. fox 5 obtained surveillance video and we have the story. >> i'm not resisting. i wasn't doing anything wrong. >> reporter: ryan dorn says after being jailed for four months, it's painful to watch the video. he's 20 now, angry, still unnerved by his encounter with police. >> i heard a shot, seen a
Sep 16, 2012 8:00am EDT
they have to walk a fine line, too? >> they have got to crack down. president obama did a good job of reminding the egyptians this week that it's one thing to be angry about a video, but it's something else than to be lax in protecting an embassy on your ground. there is no ambiguity on this point. same time, when there is a video like this, which i think is terrible, and i think more americans should be saying it is terrible, when that kind of thing happens, we need to expect some protests, but we also need to expect local governments to take care of our people abroad. >> do you see a connection with 9/11, or no? >> i'm not so sure. i think the way you began the whole piece, this sort of thing may happen, that this sort of thing is in a way, you know, looking for a pretext, looking for an excuse. we have to expect that. i don't know if it was 9/11, but there will be targets of opportunity. there will be things that happen that get people angry, and whether it's another anniversary of something, whether it is just some other incident like this one, we just have to be ready. and the
Sep 9, 2012 8:00am EDT
trail immediately after the democratic national convention, president obama kicks off a two-day bus tour through florida, eager to scoop up the sunshine state's mother lode of 29 electoral votes. >> by the way, i do care! i like the term "obama care." mr. romney says he's going to repeal it, which means his plan is romney don't care. >> reporter: any bounce from that convention could be stalled by friday's dismal unemployment report, showing just 96,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. the vice president speaking to a fired-up crowd in ohio, trying to shift the focus instead to the priorities of the gop ticket. >> i ask you literally, to ask yourself the following question. do the folks in ohio really think that governor romney, with his views on outsourcing, his views on general motors and chrysler and beyond that, do they honestly believe, had he been president the last four years, there would be today 115,000 auto jobs in ohio? >> reporter: the republican nominee, mitt romney, answering those charges while stumping for votes in yet another key battle ground, environmental. >
Sep 30, 2012 8:00am EDT
of "meet the press." david in 2008 candidate obama talked about this war as the war we must win. this time around he notedly talks about winding down the war. mitt romney didn't even mention it in his convention speech. why does this not seem to be a major interest in a campaign? >> the stakes are so high, lester, as you know being on the ground there. i think there's a couple of reasons. from the republican point of view, they want distance from the bush presidency, particularly the bush foreign policy of engagement in war in afghanistan and iraq. from the president's point of view, he wanted to narrow the focus, talk about al qaeda, defeat al qaeda. the crowning achievement killing osama bin laden. the nation building work in afghanistan is frankly something that became too difficult, too entrenched for the american people to keep up with. we are there longer than the soviets were there. i think there's a recognition that that job was simply too difficult, the notion that we were going to turn around the government, really be able to rebuild the country. there is a phrase that general pe
Sep 23, 2012 8:00am EDT
to change leaders mid course. i think that's particularly tough with president obama because a lot of people like him even if they disagree with his policy. so romney has to zero in on not just assailing the obama record on the economy but offering the kind of altern tetch people can gravitate towards and say this makes sense, this can really turn the economy around. that has to be his primary goal and he has to do it in a disciplined way that leaves no room for error, does not get side tracked with the other issues. >> you mentioned the debate, 11 days until the first one. how focused is the romney campaign on october 3rd, and how often are debates seen as a game changer this late in the campaign cycle? >> well, it's a time when folks really do take the measure of the candidates, they really pay attention. i've seen polling this morning indicating eight out of ten americans are going to watch these debates. there is very high interest. that said, this is not, you know, ali/frazier here. these are two experienced politicians. they both know their stuff. they are likely to come out and have a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5